The 3-19 Farmer For a Day Promo

Nido degli Dei Bed & Breakfast in Agerola offers a weekly program: guests can take part at wine harvest, with the harvest of grapes and the production of white and red wine. During the harvest they will be explained all the proceedings and the secrets of a task handed down from father to son. In the promotional period it is also provided for the production of tomato sauce and as well as carry on the ancient tradition of tomato piennolo. The promo also includes trips in search of mushrooms and chestnuts in the woods nearby, not far from the path of Valle delle Ferriere. In the evening you will have the opportunity to taste all together the fruits of the harvest.

Farmer for a Day, together with many activities to do inside the B & B Nido degli Dei also offers:

2 Cooking Class with Gabriella

— Dinner and guided tour of the Maccaroneria Gragnano

— 1 Guided Tour on the Path of the Gods from Agerola to Positano


Farmer for a Day Promo

Farmer for a Day Promo

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